The people.

Richmond Group CEO James Benamor

James Benamor


When I started The Richmond Group it was because I didn't want to work in a boring 9 to 5 job in a stuffy company. I had worked for other financial companies and had been frustrated at their appetite for growth and the speed with which new ideas were taken on board.

Richmond Group Director Sam Wells

Sam Wells


I'm a Director within The Richmond Group - I joined as a trainee Director in 2008 but before that, I'd been working in Brighton for various corporations. As I was making my way up the corporate ladder, I constantly found myself tangled up in red tape and surrounded by staff on a slow, meaningless road to retirement.

Richmond Group CTO Kristian Wilson

Kristian Wilson


I'm a hands on CTO, experienced across multiple platforms and technology stacks. Technology is at the core of all Richmond Group companies, and I'm responsible for everything from hardware to software. We are obsessive about simplicity of design and speed of execution. We love to ship software multiple times a day.

Richmmond Group Head of Corporate Finance Amber Cole

Amber Cole

Head of Corporate Finance

The Richmond Group moves fast and adapts quickly. RG is constantly looking for ways to grow and diversify our existing portfolio. As Head of Corporate Finance I seek out and evaluate investment opportunities which add value to the Group.