About Us:

We build and fund start-ups that disrupt markets where technology has so far failed to reduce the costs and improve the lives of ordinary people. In the UK we pioneered a flexible mid-sized loans business for hundreds of thousands of people unable to previously access credit. Whilst winning a stack of awards, we expanded internationally and the USA will be our third ambitious launch.

The Opportunity:

We need you to drive our new product through launch and growth stages. From the start, you will be hiring and developing a working team to grow our personal loans product in the digital space. Using your experience of underwriting and servicing, you will take responsibility for running the consumer lending operations yourself; talking to credit bureaus, liaising with brokers, meeting regulatory compliance, talking to customers etc. You will be at the center of this start-up, coordinating our operations with the other members of your team and leading the product development; propelling it to success.

You should expect problems and love solving them, everyday will be different and you will have to successfully navigate unforeseen market challenges to drive the company's strategic direction. Behind you will be the financial backing, support and know-how of Richmond Group, which includes assistance from one of the UK’s most successful entrepreneurs. You must rely on yourself to find solutions, we won't be controlling you, the process and delivery is up to you.

This is a rare opportunity where you will take full ownership of your results and growth. Our other recent launches (on track to becoming $100m-$1b companies) show that there is no limit to the potential of this opportunity. If you can manage the problems of a start-up and you are prepared to break out from your career, come be part of something new and exciting.

Relevant Experience:

You must be a US citizen and be able to work in Chicago.

You must have some years of previous full time experience in consumer lending, with a background in product or project management that shows you can be relied upon to solve complex problems whilst continuing to oversee all other business aspects. You will have demonstrable knowledge of regulatory compliance, underwriting procedure, cross-departmental team building, collections process etc.

You must have proven experience in a financial technology environment, where managing a FinTech project / product from creation to launch (within a financial institution or as a startup) would be highly advantageous.

Experience in the mortgage sector will not be considered relevant. A loan officer license is not required for this role.

Job Type: Full-time

Job Location: Chicago

Send your resume/application to [email protected]