Reinventing how we learn, live and work.

Over the last century technology has reduced the real cost of almost everything that people need, increasing the true standard of living across the world. Only a small number of industries have so far failed to advance humanity in-line with the overall trend.

Richmond Group is interested in the gaps. We start and fund businesses in three key sectors.

  1. Education
  2. Housing
  3. Non-Standard Financial Services

Over time our aim is that the new products and markets which we create will improve efficiency, reduce costs and improve the availability of products in these sectors, improving the standard of living for ordinary people everywhere.

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Our Portfolio

Here are some of our current and previous investments, companies and startups pushing the edge of whats possible.

An alternative to payday loans.

Amigo has pioneered flexible mid-sized guarantor loans for hundreds of thousands of people unable to previously access it. As well as winning a stack of awards, Amigo recently lent it's billionth pound.

Increasing the speed of memorisation and learning.

Memini is aiming to make it possible to learn a language from scratch in a month whilst building a platform that can be used to teach thousands of skills.

A new kind of lettings agent.

LetMe is making fees and deposits a thing of the past. Landlords can advertise a property for free and receive 12 months guaranteed rent in advance. Tenants can move in completely for free.