In Short

Building and funding tech solutions people love.

The Long Version

Over the last century technology has reduced the real cost of almost everything that people need, increasing the true standard of living across the world. Only a small number of industries have so far failed to advance humanity in-line with the overall trend.

Richmond Group is interested in the gaps. We start and fund businesses in three key sectors.

  1. Education
  2. Housing
  3. Non-Standard Financial Services

Over time our aim is that the new products and markets which we create will improve efficiency, reduce costs and improve the availability of products in these sectors, improving the standard of living for ordinary people everywhere.


Founded in 1999, The Richmond Group was set up by serial entrepreneur James Benamor at the age of just 21. In the early days James didn’t have the money to invest in advertising so instead he had leaflets printed and delivered them on foot himself. During his first full time month James delivered 30,000 leaflets, walking approximately 300 Km in the process.

The Richmond Group has built several multi-million pound companies including Amigo Loans (the UK's leading Guarantor Lender). The Richmond Group's investment in Amigo Loans has seen it win over 30 awards and lend £1bn over 10 years. RG has also started 15 other businesses, and achieved several multi million pound exits.