Hi, we’re Richmond Group

We started out in 1999 around a kitchen table with £100 and a simple goal: to stop working in dead end jobs that we hated and do something meaningful. We built a few companies before one of them really worked, and then we built some more. Most of what we do doesn’t work, but some of it really does.

Over the years our assets have grown from £100 to over £500 million, and as well as continuing to build companies from the ground up, we also now lend money to companies to help them grow, and make equity investments in other founders’ fast growing start ups.

Right now we’re particularly interested in markets where technology has so far failed to reduce the costs, and therefore improve the quality of life, for ordinary people. Those areas include non-standard credit, rented housing, and education.

We believe that making money is a happy by-product of improving the world. If you’re interested in both of those things and you are exceptional, you might want to work with us.